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About Symtrade

We have over 20 years of experience providing expert financial advice for both businesses and individuals. We believe that the future of investing will be all about Fintech and that banks and financial institutes will play a less prominent role on the financial markets.

The new world economy is about flexibility and independence. The traditional model where advisers and traders are employed by financial institutes will change. A good trader or adviser won’t need the help from a bank in the future, they will be able to “sell” their expertise directly to the customers. This is the market that we believe will thrive and were we are part of.

We provide a platform for (proven) successful traders and trading systems. The customers has the flexibility to combine systems and to manage their risk appetite. So you will be able to act as an investor and manage your portfolio with care…or you can choose to use all the leverage possible and to go in full throttle!

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We are always interested in good ideas and / or collaborations. Especially companies or traders with an already existing customer base are of interest to us. It is our experience that we can offer a unique service to your customers that will benefit all of us.