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User Manual

To connect to a trading system (or systems) to your own account is quite easy, just follow the next 4 steps.

Step 1

You need a broker account from Avatrade. This is an MT4 trading account and can be in a currency of choice.

Step 2

When your MT4 broker account is ready for trading then subscribe to a system, or a package of systems from Symtrade. 

Step 3

After subscription to a system you automatically become a "member" and you will see the member menu. In here you can set your MT4 Trading account and set your risk with the trading settings.


Also the option "Users" on the frontpage Menubar is activated.

User Menuq

You now can set the risk parameters of your account. To set the size of the copied trade you have to set the " Multiplier". With every system you can see the value of mutiplier of 1. Most systems are set that muliplier 1 refers to euro 2500, so a multiplier of 1 means that your account will act the same as in the performance overviews. But you can set this multiplier yourself and therefore you can set the risk you are willing to take. With trading CFD's and MT4 you will have a lot of buying power...that means that you can follow a euro 2500 account also with only 1250 on your account. But remember...the profits and losses will also double!

To set the system and multiplier is done here:

multiplier setting

First set the Multiplier then press Update / Follow. The system will connect your account and will "synchronize" your account with the system / master account. If the master account is having a position, this position will also be taken in your account. If you want to stop with following the system then choose "Unfollow" , current positions will be closed and no new positions will be taken.

Whenever you want to change the Multiplier, then first deactivate system with "Unfollow" then set the new Multiplier and start "Follow" again.

But be aware, whenever a position is manually closed and you want to start following again, the system cannot take a new position in a "old" position that was manually closed. Your account will start Following from the next trade.

Step 4

Now that the system is set and activated, all trades from the system / master account will be copied to your own MT4 trading account.

You don't have to stay online and you can shut your computer down, all trades will be copied from our servers.

There are two possibilities to keep track of your account and trades:

You can login to Symtrade and in the User menu you will find all details from your account. There you will find charts, profits / loss, historical trades, current positions, charts etc etc.

But you can also login to MT4 account with Avatrade. Besides logging in to your account through their website, it is also possible to download the MT4 Trading Platform yourself. With this you are able to trade on your account as well. There is no need to worry about mixing up trades, our system knows exactly which trades belong to what system or owner. But it is always better to open an extra trading account...this is done in 5 minutes.

Avatrade also has an  APP for your mobile, this can be found here: AvaTrade_Mobile