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Auto Trading

Our system provides automatic copying of trades from professional traders into your own broker account. You just select the system(s) that you want to copy, set the size you want to trade...and that's it. All trades that are done for the system will also be done on your account. You don't need to have your computer on and you can follow your account and trades on our website or directly with your broker.

auto trading

Maximum Leverage

We use Metatrader 4 brokers to get the most leverage for our money. By combining MT4 with CFD and Forex trades, we create more than 10x the leverage than with any other broker. To give an example, a MT4 account with 5,000€ can do the same volume of trades that would require 50,000€ with other popular brokers.

Stable Equity Curve

The only way to operate successfully in the financial markets over the long-term is to spread your risk - this cannot be emphasized enough. With CFD's we have the ability to trade in fractions - that means that we can trade 0.05 SP500 for example. With this flexibility we can easily trade across multiple systems and create a steady equity growth curve, which means the lower possibility of big drawdowns and more steady returns.