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Symtrade: Dax Trading System

Step 1

Open account with Avatrade

First of all, we need a good brokerage account. We use Avatrade, a well known international broker.

SYM Trade

Step 2

Select a trading system

Our investor choose the Symtrade Dax trading system, a solid algorithm with a good performance.

Step 3

Investor funds the Avatrade account

Our investor will invest $ 5.000,- in the Symtrade Dax trading system. The margin plus drawdown are about $ 800,- max, so with $ 1.000,- per multiplier he is quite safe. Our investor with $ 5.000,- can set multiplier 5.

Step 4

After 680 days...

After 680 days the trading account is doubled. Our investor safely doubles his multiplier from 5 to 10. A more alert investor would already increase the multiplier step by step along the ride, but our investor takes it more easy...


1257 days after the start...

The investor account accumulated from $ 5.000,- to $ 19.000,-. Our investor can increase the multiplier again, but we would advise to withdraw a part of the profit to buy something nice and to spread the balance over other Symtrade Trading Systems. Despite the fact that the Symtrade Dax is a great investment, it is always better to spread the risk over multiple trading systems.

Simple as 1 - 2 - 3

Autotrading with Symtrade

To follow a trading system with Symtrade is straight forward and safe. All trades done by the trading system will be automatically copied on your own broker account. You can participate with a monthly subscription or on No Cure No Pay. (15% performance fee).