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Symtrade Dax

Symtrade Dax

Algorithm on hour and day base.

The Symtrade Dax - auto trading - system is a pure trading algorithm. It has been trading from 2014 and the results are stunningly good! The system works with a relative short stop losses and it has a trailing profit. The system does many trades, 2/3 of the trades results in a small loss...and 1/3 makes a good profit. System trades German Dax index. 

Max. margin euro 500,- (Avatrade)

Symtrade Dax

Active and profitable!

We published a short movie about the last 2 years and 3 months of trading from this "algo". Almost every day it puts in orders with a limit, but not all limits are "hit". Although many trades are done, it is also clear that this system "misses" some big moves too. But no problem...there is enough to be made in between! The Symtrade Dax systems runs 2 algo's, 1 on day basis and the other on hour basis. This movie is from hourly algo. Account started with euro 2.500,- and ended with euro 11.250,-

  • Symtrade DAX

  • Minimum DurationMinimum Duration
  • Auto Trade ExecutionAuto Trade Execution
  • Short Term

  • €69.90,-

    per month

  • Minimum Duration3 months subscription
  • Auto Trade Execution
  • Medium Term

  • €59.90,-

    per month

  • Minimum Duration6 months subscription
  • Auto Trade Execution
  • Long Term

  • €49.90,-

    per month

  • Minimum Duration12 months subscription
  • Auto Trade Execution